Culture and values

At INOX we have a strong culture and a number of values we live by. It’s mostly about creating value through the way we work together, through every part of the organisation – to the advantage of both customer and employees.



Every project and task begins with a dialogue about expectations, wishes and needs. This is why we focus on the communication between our customers, suppliers - and internally with each other.


To ensure that we can always offer our customers the best products and prices, we think about profitability in every aspect of the organisation and the product areas in which we deal.


We take responsibility for our work, customers, suppliers and each other. This gives extra security for all concerned.

Team spirit

At INOX we are a strong team that sticks together, respects each other and works together. We like it to be the same way with our customers.

Good working environment

Flat structure

In addition to our values, we’re proud of our flat management structure – because it works. In practice this means that everyone has the possibility of talking to everyone else: The communication channel is short from employee to manager to Administrative Director. This also means that employees have the possibility of getting new tasks and increasing their responsibility with a high degree of freedom. In our opinion, this is good for personal development and creates improved wellbeing.

Health and well-being, diet and exercise

At INOX we have many different job profiles with differing physical requirements. This is why we focus on exercise and the prevention of work related injury. In addition, we provide a healthy menu in our own canteen and a smoke-free working environment for everyone.