Service Centre

At INOX you can get your stainless materials machined at our service centre. This means that we can cut or saw to set dimensions – although we shouldn’t be confused with an engineering company.

Cutting Centre – water and plasma

In our own Cutting Centre, we are able to cut rondelles, squares, flanges and other elements to the measurements you need. We’re ready to help you make drawings, but are also happy to cut after drawings, which you deliver yourself. Our delivery times are always short – even on special measurements, because we have our own plate warehouse that gives us daily flexibility. We deliver cut elements of up to 150 mm in depth by both plasma and water. If you need advice and direction about your projects, you’re welcome to contact us.

Saw Centre

In our Saw Centre, we can saw slices from all our standard qualities with the exception of materials with polished surfaces. Our methods using carbide blades ensure a presentable surface with the necessary tolerances – and we can easily stamp them with a batch number if that’s required. We saw in both round steel and hollow bars, and slices can be made down to 10 mm thick. We have 3 saws, which means that we can often deliver cuts from day to day. Contact us for a chat about your specific project.

INOX stainless steel