Health and wellbeing

We don’t just ask what you can do to create value for our customers: We also do everything we can to make it easy for you to do your best. The way we see it, employees who thrive are also the most valuable.

INOX therefore has a workplace that is smoke-free, with access to regular exercise; where the canteen serves delicious tasty, healthy food and where we do what we can to get you back on track if you fall ill or have other challenges.

Free access to our own fitness centre

In the company’s fitness centre there are machines, balls and mats – and free entry. It’s also possible for you to get your own individual training programme.

Healthy food in our own canteen

Every day, our canteen serves healthy food that’s energy packed. Warm dishes, fish, toppings, a salad bar and lots of vegetables. Dishes with low fat content are marked if you want to choose the slim line option.

Chiropractor, physiotherapist, reflexology and massage

To prevent work-related injuries, all employees can get treatment from a chiropractor, physiotherapist, zone therapist or masseur. Employees can also get a health profile, where cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and fat percent are measured. The result is of course followed up with an individual action plan. That’s just the way we do it: we follow up and find a solution.

Smoking and alcohol

We want to have a healthy smoke-free environment at work. Employees who want to quit smoking are offered a place on a stop-smoking course.

We want to have a healthy and safe working environment. That’s why we don’t drink alcohol during working hours. If an employee develops an alcohol problem, they will be offered counselling and treatment.

Health insurance

We all have a health insurance that, among other things, gives us the possibility for hospitalization and treatment at a private hospital. Health insurance also offers rehabilitation, crisis counselling and support.

We want to ensure that all employees get quick and competent treatment in the case of sickness or crisis.

You're welcome to send an unsolicited application

We’re always interested in hearing from you, if you think you have what it takes to create value for us and for our customers.

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